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When You Partner With Us Here Are Some Things Included

  • Understanding your market better than they understand it themselves

  • Gaining a world-class fractional business development team

  • Generating consistent leads, appointments, and pipeline

  • Generating consistent content to become an authority on LinkedIn

  • Nurturing buyers to capture more market share

  • Providing sales indoctrination content to speed up your sales cycle

  • Setting up sales enablement to increase conversions on appointments set

  • Pipeline management to move deals forward

  • Sales collaboration that helps turns pipeline into revenue

  • And so much more....

PHASE 1 - Go To Market Strategy

Message Market Fit

We know the key to successful marketing is understanding your customers better than their spouses. We'll work with you to determine your prospects' struggles, what motivates their buying decisions, and how your organization can truthfully transform their business.

We need to communicate your product/service to your cold market in an exciting manner so the potential of your partnership resonates with them.

Interviews & Quick wins!

We offer a comprehensive service that includes conducting 20-30 interviews with potential clients to uncover key insights, problems, and language that can inform various campaign strategies and accurately map out the buyer journey. Our proven framework ensures participation from even the hardest-to-reach decision-makers, allowing us to gather crucial information effectively.

Additionally, we employ five other strategies to analyze your current CRM data, not just to glean insights but also to generate immediate results for your business. These strategies have helped some of our clients achieve an additional $1-2 million in annual revenue, demonstrating the potent impact of our approach.

Sales Playbook & Technology Buildout

By the end of phase 1, we will deliver a comprehensive business development playbook tailored to your specific needs. This playbook will ensure that we target the right market using the right language and create the appropriate assets to effectively guide your buyers through their journey, transforming them into six or seven-figure clients.

This strategic approach represents the new age of sales, providing you with a fully executable playbook equipped with all the tools and strategies necessary to achieve significant business growth.

PHASE 2 - prospecting , building brand & Sales

Educational Based Prospecting

Educational prospecting targets not only the 3% of the market ready to buy but also the 66% unaware of their solvable problems. This strategy starts by sharing resources that identify and explain these issues, demonstrating solutions and their benefits. The goal is to nurture leads through the buyer’s journey, converting them into ready buyers and establishing your company as an industry expert. While competition for immediate buyers can be fierce and price-driven, this approach builds a wider lead base for long-term nurturing, setting the stage for tens of millions in future revenue.

The era of quick appointments and immediate sales has evolved; prospects are more informed and conduct thorough research before engaging. Rather than leaving them to navigate this process alone, we guide them every step of the way, ensuring they make well-informed decisions with our expert insight.

Sales Development

After educating leads about their challenges, we move to schedule immediate appointments for those ready to engage. Our personalized multi-touch prospecting strategy employs a variety of channels including Email, LinkedIn, InMail, Phone, Text, Video messages, Audio messages, Direct Mail, and retargeting ads, aiming to secure over 20+ appointments per month for your sales team. Additionally, we continuously nurture the 50-100+ leads generated each month to ensure your company remains top of mind.

This approach not only yields immediate revenue from quick appointments but also builds long-term relationships and nurtures leads into future opportunities, where the real financial gains are realized.

Building Brand

During our prospecting process, we emphasize continuous content generation on LinkedIn. The goal is to enhance your visibility and credibility; thus, your LinkedIn profile and landing page links are usually prospects first glance. We commit to posting engaging, educational content twice a week to educate and engage your audience.

Additionally, the landing pages we create as part of our educational prospecting will significantly boost your brand awareness. These pages position you as an expert in your field and a consultant capable of solving client problems. While immediate gains might not be evident in the first month, consistent efforts over time will lead to substantial increases in revenue as your brand's authority and recognition grow.

Sales Assets & Indoctrination

Have you ever heard of the 7-hour rule? A study says it takes the average B2B buyer to engage with you or your brand for at least 7 hours before deciding to work with you (or not).

We help you build sales assets such as one-pager landing pages, case study pages, nurture content, and press releases that your prospects can resonate with throughout your sales process. This proven method helps convert more prospects because of the authority you build and speeds up your sales process by 30%.

Sales Enablement

Outbound sales require a different process than inbound sales. It's not enough to present your product or service. First, you need to identify the problem your prospects are facing and then show them how you can be the solution. We've spent years developing a sales process that does just that.

Our fully developed frameworks eliminate unqualified leads and no-shows, leaving you with a list of prospects interested in your offerings. We'll help you convert those prospects into high-paying customers instead of wasting time on leads who will never buy.

We believe in providing massive value that helps eliminate objections and increases every sales and marketing metric while decreasing the time needed to close a deal.

Pipeline Management

Closing six and seven-figure deals requires more than just aggressive sales tactics; it demands excellent project management skills such as diligent follow-ups, continuous nurturing, strategic daily organization, and prioritizing deals by their closeness to conversion. Recognizing that many sales reps struggle with consistent follow-ups, we take this burden off your shoulders. Our approach allows you to focus on engaging directly with prospects while our systems handle the meticulous aspects of the sales process. This ensures that no opportunity is missed, conversion rates are optimized, and we maximize the potential of the leads we nurture and build relationships with.


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